What do financial advisors want from options? Do they even use them? Find out now!

Download Options Insider Radio Interviews: Talking Findings from the Survey of Options for Financial Advisors with OIC

Recorded live at the 2017 Options Industry Conference, Mark is joined by Eric Cott, Director of Advisor Education, and Emily Sweet, Senior Analyst at Cerulli Associates.

They discuss:

  • Merging the Options Industry Conference and the Financial Advisor Conference
  • The survey Cerulli Associates did for the OIC on financial advisors
  • Surprising findings from the survey
  • Downside protection, hedging, and other ways larger advisors are using options
  • How many advisors participated in the survey
  • When there is a dedicated CIO, there is more use of options
  • Improving professional trading tools
  • How many advisors aren’t comfortable talking about options with clients?
  • Options as a counterpoint to the robo advisor
  • What about the advisors who previously used options but stopped?
  • The client influence on options is hard to quantify