Talking Options Taxation, Regulation and Education with OCC’s Craig Donohue

Download Options Insider Radio Interviews: Talking Options Taxation, Regulation and Education with Craig Donohue

Mark recently attended the 2017 Options Industry Conference, where he was joined by Craig Donohue, Executive Chairman and CEO of the Options Clearing Corporation.

They discuss:

  • What brought Craig back to derivatives and The OCC?
  • The evolution of OCC into regulatory and oversight roles
  • Craig’s history with leading large transformations within existing companies
  • The possiblility of rolling back regulations
  • Migrating other products to central counterparty clearing
  • The difference between regulated and unregulated derivatives
  • The fight to allow listed options in IRAs and other regulatory struggles
  • What are the origin for leaving options off the list?
  • What is on his radar for the future?
  • Potential taxation implications with transaction taxes and more
  • How many exchanges are too many exchanges?
  • The concentration of liquidity in a few names
  • The need for investor education