We may be at the OIC 2016 Conference, but that won’t keep us from Volatility Views!

Download Volatility Views 204: Live – to Tape – from OIC 2016

This time, we are coming to you live (to tape) from OIC 2016, but fear not…Russell Rhoads was there, too.

Volatility Review: Red on the screen means green for the VIX. 16 will be over/under for high/low on VIX going forward. VVIX is back above 90, though, and that’s pretty high. Earnings season starting to wane. Slow decline of ESPN weighing on DIS earnings. Shake Shack.

Russell’s Weekly Rundown:

  • May 11 auctions, May 18 expiration
  • Why is VXX more successful than other, similar products?

Crystal Ball: Wild prognosticating. Russell offers the WILD idea of predicting May VIX settlement.

  • Russell: 15.27
  • Mark: 14.70